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HR Gateway

HRGateway is a one-stop solution for automating all your HR Functions such as Employee Data Management, Time and Expenses, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Vendor and Contract Management, Staffing and Applicant Tracking.

The comprehensive and customized data analytics in HRGateway provide you with all the information you need to make efficient business decisions easily and in one place. HRGateway also offers a host of standard and customized reports that will help you improve operational efficiencies of your HR functions.

The different teams in your Human Resources organization can collaborate and communicate, and share data using HRGateway thus making information exchange centralized and easy.

HRGateway offers you the ability to tailor the solution as per your needs. If you have any other systems already in place that you have spent considerable time and expense setting up, HRGateway can seamlessly integrate with these, providing you the ability to leverage existing technologies and enhance the reporting and data analytics capabilities of your HR systems

Employee Data Management

Manage your employee data, all at one place –we understand the value of being able to automate every step of the employee lifecycle from onboarding, talent development, performance management, project allocation and tracking, to termination – HRGateway makes it easier for your talent managers to effortlessly track all these activites.

Vendor and Contract Management, Invoicing

As a small/medium enterprise, you work with multiple vendors and systems to manage your HR function. Our vendor and contract management feature is tailored to suit your needs – to track all your business relationships and contracts, invoice management, integrating with finance and payrollto ensure data consistency and improve efficiency. The data you need for payroll can be easily transmitted using HRGateway’s numerous interfaces that allow you to work with any payroll system of your choice.

Time and Expense Management

Managing all your employees, keeping track of the clients/projects they are assigned to, ensuring their productivity and budget utilization can be daunting, especially for a growing organization. Our Time and Expense management feature helps you get an overview of where your employees are working, their schedules and availability, use their time and attendance data to automatically generate billing invoices to send to vendors and track the invoice status, all without ever leaving the application.

Learning and Development

Learning and Development – we know acquiring talent is difficult. We also understand keeping your talent is more difficult, and keeping them equipped with the skills necessary to perform their jobs according to the market demands requires significant time and research efforts and budget. HRGateway is your answer to all these needs. Onboard talent easily, develop learning roadmaps for them, get them trained using our numerous self-paced, on-demand learning modules. Our learning platform also helps evaluate the skills and competencies of your talent and recommends learning based on their needs.

Data Analytics

Reporting and Analytics – Our customized reports and dashboards are what you have been looking for to get a snapshot of your HR function in one place. Imagine a world where you have the ability to create your own dashboards without having to go through requesting your system vendor to create one for you, haggle over price, and shell out extra dollars that eat into your annual revenues! – With HRGateway’s do-it-yourself dashboard feature, you have the power to create reports that you need and present, easily without having to worry about where to get the data from!