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HR Gateway

Aplomb's HR Gateway

Aplomb's HR Gateway is an End to End ERP tool for recruiting and staffing solution that integrates entire business operations right from Talent Acquisition to HR and Immigration operations. This product is developed using latest Technologies, can improve organizational efficiency and productivity. This tool brings better visibility to management through it’s interactive and dynamic reports and provides transparency by integrating various modules in End to End business operations.

Aplomb’s HR Gateway Automates the entire recruiting process right from resume to placement with the capability to maintain all related records. This is a user-friendly tool, covers all the essential ATS functionalities like recruiting, sales lifecycle, Human Resource operations, Timesheet end to end operations, immigration record maintenance and tracking.

This integrated tool helps recruiters and Sales executives to act quickly on their prospects, helps to plan and schedule interviews in an efficient manner. Automated notification and alert management system help managers to act fast on open issues and follow-ups. It’s inbuilt validations and seamless integration with other modules avoids data entry mistakes and reduces manual efforts in data maintenance. This tool was built on Web-based API technology, integrated with Email and has greater performance.

Aplomb’s HR Gateway tool has Interactive reports and dynamic dashboards, Helps management with greater visibility, ease of operations and better decision making.

Core Capabilities of this Aplomb’s HR Gateway tool are

Talent Acquisition
Sales tracking
HR Management
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