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Overview of Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics allows you to view statistical information about unstructured data, such as files and emails, in your CommCell environment. With this information, you can quickly assess the state of your big data sources, take actionable steps to retrieve valuable storage space, and mitigate the risk of compliance-related issues. Big Data Analytics offers an about perpetual wellspring of business and instructive understanding, that can prompt operational improvement and new open doors for organizations to give hidden income across pretty much every industry. From use cases like client personalization, to chance alleviation, to misrepresentation recognition, to inward tasks investigation, and the various new use cases emerging close every day, the Value covered up in organization information has organizations hoping to make a cutting-edge analytics operation.

Big Data Analytics Capabilities

Right Tool, Right Job

Choose from a multitude of engines (Hive, Spark, Presto, Tensorflow).

Performance and scale per workload

Managed autoscaling for Spark, Hadoop, and Presto workloads. Automated cluster management for ease of administration and enabling self-service access to users through various interfaces

Development Benches

Instantly start writing your code in a variety of interfaces and workbenches – Dashboards, Notebooks, command line, API, and more.

Big Data Ecosystem Integrations

Scheduler/ETL tools – Talend, Informatica, Oozie, Azkaban, Apache AirFlow

BI software – Looker, Tableau, Apache Superset, Periscope, Qlik

Security and Governance – Apache Atlas, Apache Ranger, SSO integrations, Encryption in Motion and at Rest