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Integration Technologies

IT administrators frequently battle to coordinate heterogeneous programming frameworks and an assortment of stages and working frameworks. Thus, insight applications are frequently hard to execute, as new interfaces and equipment must be introduced and kept up. Aplomb Integration Technologies disentangles these challenges through rules based correspondence instruments and application programming interfaces (APIs), passing on information on time to the people who need it. Through a mid-level server fused with the Aplomb stage, Aplomb lessens the costs and unpredictability of your examination sending. Likewise, by constraining combining centers and restricting assistance capacities, Aplomb Integration Technologies diminishes the costs of outcast web application servers and reworks the foundation and overhauls the board.


Deliver intelligence applications on time and on budget.

Aplomb provides an intelligence platform that includes everything IT needs to run Aplomb web applications.

Functional Testing

To maintain the smooth functionality and system stability every business needs functionality testing. Our functionality testing services will give you enhanced user experience, identification & integration, product accuracy and less maintenance cost.

Exploit Aplomb Analytics and Aplomb Business Intelligence enterprise wide.

The Aplomb Stored Process Server provides a simple way to deliver Aplomb intelligence to users regardless of their location, preferred user interface or output format. This flexibility saves IT time and increases user productivity by enabling them to be self-sufficient.

Manage the Aplomb platform more effectively.

Centralized, web-based administration provides an easy-to-use interface for data preparation and management. Through the consolidated interface, you can monitor server performance, manage and receive alerts, and produce performance reports to demonstrate compliance and fulfill auditing requirements.

Gain insight into performance of intelligence applications.

Through performance reports, Aplomb administrators can track job flow runtimes. A data dictionary allows analysts to survey data attributes, including metadata, descriptive comments and schema. And before changing an existing object, analysts can assess object usage to evaluate the potential impact of a change.