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The retail industry has been disrupted from the ground up since the advent of cloud technology. A need for a single solution that automates most tasks with full leverage technology has risen. APLOMB is a cloud-based, unified retail platform, powered with a broad spectrum of functionalities and modules to overcome any shortcomings in the retail industry.

APLOMB gives the end-to-end retail solutions with state-of-the-art technology to give visibility and streamlined operations from inventory to back-office to customer end across various retail sectors.

APLOMB Software can efficiently manage the lifecycle of a retail store from the warehouse to the end customer along with a detailed intuitive report with our cutting-edge technology in place.

Recent technological advances like BPM [Business Process Management] SOA [Service Oriented Architecture], Web 2.0, and the advent of open source technologies have delivered game-changing efficiency gains and brought retailers to a unique level of the business process.