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Professional Consulting Services

For nearly 8 years, APLOMB Technologies has been recognized for our energetic leadership in the field of open standards and standards-based content technologies.

Focused Expertise

We help our clients protect their content investments from price hikes, while ensuring that they will be able to take advantage of new technology down the road. We've helped many of the world's largest global organizations achieve a diverse range of content objectives, with vastly improved economics. Simply put, we try to help our clients focus on what they do best; creating content and other information products that meets customer needs.

We provide focused technology and consulting services in two broad areas: Business & Technology Consulting and Program Management.

Our full range of consulting & professional services includes:
Business & Technology Consulting

There are no short-cuts on the road to a streamlined, more efficient content supply chain, the sequence of activities required to create, manage and distribute information. In fact, companies that try to cut steps could be making a mistake that could result in unnecessary delays and expensive system overhauls.

That's why it makes sense to work with a proven solutions provider, APLOMB Technologies Our teams of experienced consultants have helped a number of organizations – from global telecommunications companies to leading information services providers – achieve those goals by finding more efficient, cost-effective ways to bring content from concept to its final form.

For example, we advised a leading European media company on how to devise an enterprise search strategy that will allow employees and customers to access information stored within 30 different systems. We also helped a semi-conductor manufacturer revamp its production process for creating technical documentation, developing an XML-based proof-of-concept solution that met the manufacturer's requirements. And we're currently working with a major multinational publisher to develop an outsourcing strategy to streamline their editorial processes for creating content in multiple languages.

Proven Prosesses

We quickly and efficiently analyze the business processes required to create or deliver information products – from aggregating and digitizing content to managing and then delivering information products to various audiences. Our structured analysis can:

Identify problem or inefficient areas
Determine the appropriate improvements (technology, process and/or outsourcing) needed to achieve business objectives
Recommend the appropriate technologies and outsourcing solutions to facilitate those improvements
Deliver pro-forma economic models that categorically justify any recommended process change, outsourcing initiative or technology infusion or development

Standards-Based, Results-Driven

Whether a large company or small business, a telecommunications firm or major publisher, our teams of content experts can help you achieve your business goals. At APLOMB we are forward-looking and are designed in accordance with open public standards like XML and its related specifications.

Program Management

Unrealistic deadlines, Stubborn or uncooperative stakeholders, Expensive resources focused on low-value tasks. Left unresolved, one or all of these issues can cripple the smooth and efficient deployment of a new content management, publishing or authoring system, costing millions in unnecessary delays and compromised outcomes.

With our experience in helping companies assess their requirements and deploy effective systems that meet a wide range of business goals, we can help organizations meet their objectives and ensure that multiple content-related projects stay on track.

Streamlined for Success

Improving the sequence of activities required to create, manage and distribute information - what we call the content supply chain - often drives dramatic change within an organization: reduced expenses, faster time to market and the creation of more innovative products and services. We've helped a number of organizations - from global IT companies to leading information services providers - achieve those goals.

Proven Processes

We start with a detailed analysis of our client's content supply chain. Once we've made a system recommendation, we then focus on four key areas that are integral to the project's success, whether it involves outsourcing editorial functions or integrating new systems.

Stress communication between all key stakeholders. Communication is important at every stage of project, prior to the analysis, during the analysis and again during the pilot implementation.

Stay focused on overarching goals. Every project team often needs to balance the need for modifications against the original goals. At each step of the way, we will determine which course corrections are necessary and how the project can continue to meet the overarching business objectives.