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Business Analyst

Id: AT0034


  • ·       Plan, Design and carry out various Management related tasks as part of Development and implementation team to enable smooth, correct, and efficient workflow between various TPA and us.

    ·       Work with different healthcare admin systems requiring healthcare, biomedical, Design and production.

    ·       Carry out designing, analysis and testing of various reference management changes as a part of enhancement and implementation of new systems in the project.

    ·       Generate and own data artifacts like Data Requirement templates and mapping documents, converting simple business requirements into technical details that programmers can work on.

    ·       Co-ordinate project related efforts between various stakeholders and communicate complex technical ideas and solutions in a clear and concise manner understandable by all stakeholders.

    ·       Work on client data architecture, technical and non-technical processes and workflows and business domain through project work and courses in graduate program.

    ·       Creating prototypes, data analysis, performing business & technical calculations using wide range of tools.

    ·       Responsible for product design, development, improvement, analysis, reporting in terms of software data, SQL, reports.

    ·       Identifying project scope, requirements, budget, feature dependencies, risks etc.

    ·       Development of strategic plans to manage triple constraints, mitigating risks, etc.




    This position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent experience in a closely related field.